A&B Scaffold Engineering offers comprehensive scaffolding services for the construction of infrastructures at petrochemical power plants, commercial and industrial buildings incorporating design, erection and dismantling. We provide all types of temporary access solutions and facilitate the safe and efficient construction of buildings through top quality scaffold services and expert scaffold engineering.

How We Do It

Are you in need of scaffold support for your construction projects? Discuss your specific needs with our professional consultants. Our experienced team can accommodate almost any requirements from simple working platforms and scaffold towers to propping, shoring, formwork and scaffold stages with all the necessary extras like sheeting, temporary roofing, ramps, runways, hoists, fencing and rubbish chutes.

Our Consultancy Process is divided into 4 key stages:

  1. Planning and Design
  2. Scaffold Erection
  3. Weekly Inspection
  4. Dismantling
  • Planning and Design

    Safety is our top priority. Good planning saves lives, time and money. A primary objective of scaffold planning and design is to prevent scaffold collapse before, during and after placement of the scaffold. The collapse of a scaffold can cause death or significant injury to workers or passers-by and damage to structures.

    Perform a thorough survey of the site for the project

    Find out what could possibly cause harm by observing the workplace to identify areas where scaffolds are used or scaffolding work is performed and where there is interaction with vehicles, pedestrians and fixed structures. Check ground conditions to ensure safety and identify the major functional requirements of the scaffold required.

    Inspect and evaluate any potential safety risk

    In many cases the risks and related control measures will be well known. In other cases risk assessment may need to be carried out. A risk assessment helps determine what action to take to control the risk and urgency of the action needed, as well as to consider options to eliminate or minimise risks.

    Study your project requirements
    This may involve discussing workplace-specific requirements including the type of scaffold to be erected, the scaffolding to be used and what training is required for workers particularly if a scaffolding high risk work license is not required.

  • Planning and Design


    Take time to study all angles and fully understand your scaffolding needs

    When scaffolding design is carefully studied and fully understood, the possibilities of accidents happening is minimized. The design team must take into consideration all the aspects such as potential outside environment influences such as wind force and ground stability. A scaffold should be designed for the most adverse combination of dead and live loads that can reasonably be expected during the period the scaffold is in use.


    Design a scaffold that will be utilized with ease and safety

    The purpose for using a scaffold is to make your work easier. The design of your scaffold must meet this requirement and at the same time provide maximum safety for the worker who would be using scaffolding.

  • Scaffold Erection

    Safety of workers and the public are carefully considered when setting up the scaffold

    Erecting a scaffold safely will include preparing the foundations for the scaffold, installing soleboards and baseplates where required, and erecting the scaffold including for adequate access and work platforms that minimise the risk to those doing the scaffolding work and people who will use the scaffold.


    Performed with good turnaround time

    We understand that time is money. We ensure that alongside the quality and safety considerations, proper timetable for the construction of your scaffold is strictly followed.


    Adaptable to unavoidable changes and demands from our clients

    When changes are necessary to achieve the best results, consultation with the scaffold designer is done for any alterations. Before implementing any alterations, we ensure that these alterations do not compromise the structural integrity of the scaffold.

  • Dismantling

    Preparation and care in dismantling the scaffolds ensures the safety of the workers and the public.

    We ensure that risks are controlled to prevent injury to people from the collapse of the scaffold onto an adjacent building or structure, and collapse of an adjacent building or structure, or a part of a building or structure due to scaffolding work.


    Careful consideration is also given to the building in terms of load bearing, shoring or props.

    We ensure that no part of the scaffolding work adversely affects the structural integrity of other buildings. Electric lines whether overhead or underground can be a significant hazard. Careful dismantling of the scaffold ensures that no one gets hurt or injured.





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