A Steely Determination to Succeed
Founder Miss Selvaa Parimalam “Maya”

Dear Friends and Associates,

Since the inception, A&B Scaffold Engineering witnessed many mighty edifices rise from the ground. We have supported the construction of key infrastructure which in turn fuels the economy. With each project A & B have completed, we feel a part of our story being added upon. Our establishment were recognised by many clients who have completed the projects successfully working hand in hand with A & B.

With sheer determination and perseverance, A&B Scaffold Engineering built itself from being a mediocre company to become one of Singapore’s leading scaffold companies today. Furthermore, we have gained the accolade of being the only scaffold contractor with a lady at its helm.

The road we chose to travel was not smooth. Capitalisation was scarce, securing our first contract took a long time, our first customers delayed payments, some even winded down not paying. It was a painstaking journey; and we braced ourselves with only true grit and determination. Each time the A & B was  tempted to give up, I looked adversity straight in the eye and said to myself, “I was born to succeed, not to fail “and thus A & B continued to persevere

Today, what started with only three employees has grown to a company of 229 workforce consisting of 37 local and 192 foreign staff. From a home office, we now operate from our own office belonging to A & B and with a 10,000 square feet warehouse to house our materials.

A&B Scaffold Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore with vast experience in both the construction and oil & gas industry predicted a need to expand our services to other regions and thus, incooperated A &B Scaffold Engineering Sdn Bhd in Malaysia in May 2013.We are working towards a successful expansion and see a need for future an expansion to other regions in the near future.

The future looks bright even as we fortify product research and move into manufacturing our own materials. From here, A&B Scaffold Engineering will soar boundless horizons, concentrating on major projects both locally and overseas. With determination and perseverance A & B will scale the height of success with adverse marketing to secure major projects.

At A & B our utmost concern apart from maintaining a clean safety record is to ensure every personnel who are in our entity leaves our organisation as how they came in without any deformation or ill health.

As to many people query ‘’how can a lady lead in a male-dominant industry of which she had little knowledge and experience”’ I believe, beyond education and industry experience, regardless gender, any female who has the vision and steely determination to succeed will make it into whatever he or she ventures.

A&B Scaffold Engineering is indeed indebted to many of our clients who had laid confidence in us by entrusting scaffolding scope on their projects. Its’s our performance and business relationship that had many entrusting continuous business with us till today.
We at this point in time would give our endorsement to our existing clients and future clients that at A & B we always do our best to ensure that you do keep your reputations as well as ours.


A&B Scaffold Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 2009. The company is in the business of providing scaffold services   for all types of oil & gas and construction projects. We have become the preferred partner of numerous mega constructions and process industry projects over the past five years.

To be in the forefront within other scaffold companies in the industry in both Singapore and overseas by delivering cost-efficient and time-definite scaffold solutions for diverse projects with 100% safety ensuring ZERO accident.

We strive to be the safest scaffolding company within the industry with aspiration to be the best.

Achieve Beyond Expectations
We go the extra mile and focus on delighting our clients by delivering a safe access to them.

Build on Integrity
Our promises are delivered with 100% integrity.

Pursue Excellence
We deliver by training, setting examples, listening and having good communications between our clients and workforce.



August 16


Supports major developments in the construction and process industries which include 5 major contractors from the Jurong Aromatics Complex Project, Jurong Island. – operates from 10,000 square feet facility, – Total workforce: 229 (37 local and 192 forign staff)
August 16

April 2013

Established A&B Scaffold Engineering Sdn Bhd in Malaysia
August 16


An undeterred A & B entered the petrochemical industry and secured a major project in Jurong Island and enrolled itself with ASPRI.
August 16


Secured its first big ticket project amounting $200,000
August 16


Secured its maiden scaffold erection contract – a meagre $1200
August 16


Year established. Initially started off as a scaffold trading company but saw the potential of a scaffold engineering entity and ventured in it in the following year


 Over the years, A&B Scaffold Engineering’s service excellence and high quality, dependable and smart solutions gained the recognition of venerable award-governing bodies in the scaffold and construction industries.


The name A&B has become synonymous to world-class scaffold engineering. Learn more about our Founder, Ms. Maya, and about our scaffold engineering solutions as seen on the Media and Press.

Finalist for SICCI Awards 2013

Woman Leader in a Man’s Industry
Today’s Manager 2013

SICCI-DBS India Enterprise Award

Top 25 Prestige Award 2014
Construction & Engineering